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Factions Gameplay Rules

Rules being rewritten, these will stay as the rules until the new are out

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Recent Claims Against Us

Topic locked: For support, make a ticket via Discord

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Recent Claims Against Us

FalloutPvP Claims Against Us

As many of you have heard, plenty of rumors and facts have been going around. Starting with the Smoke raids Armada.
This raid was legal, the cannon they used was legal until a Member of the faction changed ticks thinking that they had tick counter on. Right away I (Sleepin_) saw this and stopped the raid, of course, me not knowing that it was an accident. Figured since they only got through 3 walls and Armada had 10+ minutes to patch during that we thought it would be fair to allow the raid to continue. Armada counter did blow up once to lag, I rolled it back and forgot to tell them to check redstone, ticks, and pistons (because our rollback tends to mess those ups). When they fired straight after the first rollback of the counter, it blew. So they came back into support I rolled-back and this time told them to check redstone, ticks, and pistons. The players that "checked" the counter only used schematic which messed up pistons would not be shown by schematic as messed up. Which supposedly blew up the cannon. This time we did not rollback the counter since we saw it as a player error. At the same time Withdrawn was shooting from the other side which was illegal, Armada did not see this until Smoke breached the base. Withdrawn was punished and we considered the Smoke's raid as legal. 
This next section is the part of the Withdrawn DQ. Withdrawn had already had their warning on the 2 raid claims. So they received a strike for "2+ raid claims", "Raiding while the faction was already being raided", and "Interfering with an active raid". With a total of 3 strikes, later one of their members tried to grab our staff's IPs. Soon after their other members (co-leader) decided to try to threaten us with that IP. We had enough with Withdrawn since their members were breaking multiple rules, IP grabbing our staff, multiple ban evasion, we though since these issues were severe and intentional we decided simple bans weren't enough for the severity of the situation. Therefore we DQ'ed them for the map and none of their members could play again. Note the part where none of their players could play again is important later down the line.
This section here is dedicated to when I left for 4+ days without any notice. Much shit went down when I was gone. I couldn't answer anything I was sent from roughly Sunday afternoon Thursday afternoon during TNT. This was a huge issue revolving the server state and mainly rules. As Easton and I work together in Easton focuses more on the Development side of the server and I work more on the management side of the server, including rules. Easton made rule changes and modified my ideas of the rules that were meant to be. I can't blame Easton since he couldn't contact me or knew 100% about the rules. This was a huge failure on our side and I attempted to fix as many issues as I could when I got back. The disband on "JustinHerass" was rolled-back. As we were replacing spawners more information popped up. This will bring the next section we are involved in more JustinHerass and WereBackBtches.

Justinheras was legal for the most part, a lot of the things that happened to them happened while I was gone. An incorrect Easton lead to having too many strikes. Resulting in a DQ, when I got back I was informed about this and rollbacked back base. As the base was being rollbacked, we were sent proof of Justinherass, now known as WereBackBtches, had 2 raid claims on a base. Resulting in them DQ'ed again and Base world edited out. I've tried to correct has many situations, I was not aware of the raid on Smoke that was illegal. I knew there was an issue, I didn't know it had to be rollbacked. When I was informed that the rollback was happening, Easton does not know how to rollback walls on a base. I had to do that since I had work during that I couldn't get to it until I got back. Another issue that revolved around me being gone. 
Staff was a big issue on this map, multiple issues from staff lead to almost all of this. I've played factions and I know this was unenjoyable. We were switching staff managers during that map and not all the staff were fit to be staff but still got staff. This issue will be taken care of within the following week from this message. When I became Owner on Fallout I didn't expect the turnout. Rules were not made to the fullest. August I had worked all month. I knew those rules were not detailed and to its best. It's not how I wanted the map to go, with this I take a good amount of the blame in this situation as rules were not made correctly and I was gone not to fix those. Before I left (Saturday) the rules were meant to be less harsh. A lot of players didn't want anything to change about rules so I didn't. This later proved that to be a mistake and got a lot of faction DQ'ed of value removed. Rules will be remade. Staff behavior was ignored by myself and Easton and this was also a huge mistake. We will also take care of the staff that was toxic or more harmful as a staff member. This is the opposite of our vision and we want to fix these as soon as possible.

The Smoke Alt Faction was an issue the faction was disbanded and the value was removed. They did not receive a strike because it was Smoke's first offense. Me calling out Rydox_ about falsifying evidence was him claiming that the alt faction was giving collectors to Smoke. Of course, me telling him that was not included in the evidence they provided.

This section is about the claim of staff giving spawners to Smoke. We assume this rumor got around of Easton giving spawners to Smoke for no reason. There was a reason, the spawners were lost to a server-side bug. The amount Easton gave them was roughly 40 million over what they were supposed to get, that value was taken away shortly after.

Hiding spawners have always been a part of FalloutPvP. Since beta to Map 1 hiding more than 20% of value has been illegal. It was never marked in rules because it was able to be changed before maps depending on the eco and player input.

 Addressing the claims against us, a lot of the "evidence" was taking out of context or wasn't seen from our view. Although a lot I know this was a somewhat trash map, Ill admit it. In the future we want to prevent this from happening again, shortage of qualified staff and my inactivity lead to most of this. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused this map and we will do whatever we can to stop and end maps like that from happening again. What's next? We are halting the server for 1 month to fix anything that wasn't to the quality we wanted. We are also doing everything mention above and new features to factions. We want a different feel to faction again. Just over the past year, the game has lost many players to school and the game mode being so repetitive. (Also it should be mention that the factions that got disbanded had multiple offensives and should have followed the rules although they were not great)

Hopefully, this has covered most of the concerns and claims against us. You can ask me or a different staff member to check up with the information here, make a ticket and ping me. We are looking for suggestions next map also, $suggest.

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Factions Gameplay Rules

FalloutPVP Factions Gameplay Rules

This page of rules will contain rules about strikes, cannons, raiding, bases, and other aspects of the game.

Believe something is wrong? DM @Sleepin_ via Discord
Strike wars in not allowed, for proof to be valid they must be given within 36hrs to staff from the incidence.
Strikes and Warnings:
For every 2 warnings will get the faction a strike.

Strike 1: Warning Strike
Strike 2: 10% of faction value removed
Strike 3: 20% of the faction value removed
Strike 4: 50% of faction value removed.
Strike 5: Faction disbanded by staff and disqualified for the map, any attempt to make an "alt faction" will be disbanded by staff, DQ'ed, and players banned for 7 days.

Important Rules:
These rules contain rules and punishments that are not mentioned are other topics.

Insiding / Allying / Betraying / Snaking / Merging: 

  • Giving an enemy faction information about the faction you were or are in without the other faction knowing or wanting that information released will be a 7-day ban.
  • Insiding and taking value will be a 30-day ban.
  • Allying in PVP or Raiding is not allowed, faction warning than faction strike or 6hr ban to the players involved. 
  • Snaking for a faction is not allowed, with valid proof it will be a 14-day ban.
  • If a faction past over value to another faction with the intend of merging value or to give value, the value will be removed from the factions. Happens again, a strike will be given.

Duping / Bug Abuse: 

  • Duping is an automatic DQ and 60-day ban to all players involved.
  • Major bug abuse will be a 60-ban and/or DQ depending on how severe the bug is.
  • Minor bug abuse will be a 1-hour to 60-day ban.

Strike Wars / Blackmailing / False Accusations: 

  • You have 36-hours to report a player or faction for the punishment to be valid.
  • Having a player do something for you or give out information against certain information being leaked. Will result in a 1-day ban.
  • False accusations will be a 2-day ban.

Raiding and Cannon Rules:
Common rules:

3-second cannons

24 walls + (the cannon box wall) max per cannon box

Cannon Speeds: 

  • Cannons cannot have a clock faster than 3 seconds.
  • Cannons cannot remove a fully functional wall faster than 3 seconds.
  • Cannons that shoot under Y: 15 are allowed to shoot at 1 second.
    • Punishments 
      First Offense: 12-hour ban to the player that built the illegal clock/cannon along with 1 faction warning. Cannon world edited out.
      Second Offense: 3-day ban to the player that built the illegal clock/cannon along with 1 faction strike. Cannon world edited out.
      Third Offense: 7-day ban to all players that made the cannon along with 2 faction strikes. Cannon world edited out.
      All of these include a full roll-back of the base.


Cannon Specifications: 

  • Cannons cannot have more than 1 sand-comp.
  • Cannons cannot shoot above Y: 255.
  • Cannons cannot remove more than 1 functional wall per shot.
  • Left/Right cannons and midair cannons are not allowed.
  • Cannons cannot nuke horizontally, anti-patch cannons are allowed, disappoints me that I have to put that here.
  • U-Fusion cannons are not allowed
  • Counter cannons cannot shoot at another base.
  • Reverse nukes are not allowed.
  • Nukes that are made of the intension of remove walls to make a design are not allowed.
  • Phase cannons are not allowed.
  • Cannons that lag the server, these cannons are usually intentional. This includes cannons that use more than 3500 TnT per shot, an excessive amount of doors, carpet, fence gates, pistons, and Redstone. Cannons that blow up and spray TnT and sand intentionally. 
  • Cannons are allowed to be put on a lever, clock, or automatic. As long as there is an alt/player there loading the cannon and monitoring it.
  • Reverse hybrids are not allowed to nuke or go faster than 3 seconds.
  • You are only allowed to use and build 1 cannon per cannon box. 1 stacker with a reverse cannon behind it are allowed.
    • Punishments 
      First Offense: 12-hour ban to the players that built the illegal cannon along with 1 faction strike. Cannon world edited out.
      Second Offense: 5-day ban to the players that built the illegal cannon along with 1 faction strike. Cannon world edited out.
      Third Offense: 7-day ban to the players that built the illegal cannon along with 2 faction strikes. Cannon world edited out.
      Fourth Offense: 14-day ban to the players that built the illegal cannon, the faction may not raid for the rest of the map. Cannon world edited out.
      All of these include a full roll-back of the base.


Raiding Rules: 

  • Cannons must follow cannon rules and specifications. 
  • You are only allowed 1 raid-claim/box. Any other claims outside an enemy base cannot be larger than 3x3 chunks.
  • You are only allowed 1 cannon per raid-claim/cannon box. 1 stacker and reverse combo are allowed.
  • You cannot have more than 25 walls on a cannon box, this includes the cannon box wall.
  • Slabs cannot be used as a defense on a cannon box.
  • Finster Walls/Anti-Nukes are not allowed on a cannon box.
  • A cannon box may not be used to raid more than 1 base at a time.
  • Barrels cannot go outside your raid-claim, it may also not float into wilderness at any point.
  • Using an alt faction or a faction to raid a base just for the free grace will be an instant 14-day ban to all members that participated and 2 strikes given to each faction. If it happens again both factions DQ'ed for the map.
  • 1 faction may raid/shoot at a base at once.
  • All cannons must be claimed.
  • Raid claims cannot be larger than 13x13.
    • Punishments 
      First Offense: Cannon(s), cannon box, and raid-claim all removed and 1 strike to raiding faction.
      Second Offense: Cannon(s), cannon box, and raid-claim all removed and 1 strike to raiding faction.
      Third Offense: Cannon(s), cannon box, and raid-claim all removed and 2 strikes to raiding faction.
      Fourth Offense: 12-hour ban to the players participated in the raid, the faction may not raid for the rest of the map. Cannon world edited out.
      All of these include a full roll-back of the base.


After raids: 

  • A complete raid counts as the cannon is badly blown up/unuseable, countered, raid-claims removed, or 10 minutes after the last shot.
    • Raid Timestamps
      10 minutes after last shot: Defending faction allowed printer, gen, and trench walls. 
      20 minutes after last shot: Raid officially over no faction can shoot at defending the base.
      60 minutes after last shot: Factions can now start shooting at the defending base.

      If any of these are broken, the raid rolled-back and the raiding faction given 1 strike.


Base Rules:
Common rules:
25 Chunk Buffers
2 Counter Cannons Per Side
2 chunks of Anti-Nukes
4 Spawner Boxes

Base Specifications: 

  • Bases cannot have more than 25 chunk buffers.
  • You may only have 1 base unless the original base has been raided, all value must be in the base.
  • Bases cannot have any extra claims larger than 2x2 unless its a side counter claim, claims outside a base that is not meant to get into a cannon box or counter are not allowed.
  • Bases cannot have more than 2 chunks of anti-nukes.
  • Oceans must be reasonably sized.
  • Bases cannot have a gap between the first base shell and border larger than 1 chunk.
  • Bases can only have 16 traps.
  • Bases can only have 2 counter cannons per side.
  • Bases can only have 4 spawner boxes.
  • Bases can only be 10x10 chunks large. (this can be changed if it is too small)
  • Roofarts or any pixel art may not be offensive to a race, culture, or past event.
  • Bases must be 30 chunks from the closest claim/wall. 
  • Any unraidable defenses are not allowed. This includes enchantment tables, anvils, fences, fence gates, trap doors, and etc.
  • You need 10 chunks of walls (80 walls) on each side to qualify for payouts. (DQ)
  • Bases must be reachable by enemies.
  • You cannot scatter spawners across a base or the top.
  • Spawners must be in pillars, in the base, cannot be watered, blocked up, or have blocks on the side.
  • Alts may not be outside bases on walls, in counters, or in other territories.
  • Raid alerts are not allowed. (DQ)
    • Punishments 
      First Offense: 1 warning to a faction to fix the infraction within 6hrs.
      Second Offense: 1 strike and infraction fixed by staff weather its unclaiming, world editing out, DQ, etc.
      Third Offense: 2 strikes and infraction fixed by staff weather its unclaiming. world editing out, DQ, etc.
      Fourth Offense: Base removed.
      Fifth Offense: Faction Disbaned and DQ'ed

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